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Casting a wider net for income

Columbia Management, Investment Team | May 28, 2013

To generate sufficient investment income in today’s low-yield world, you may need to look at new sources of income. Many corporations are currently awash in cash and offer investment opportunities across the capital structure. Floating rate loans, corporate bonds, convertible securities and dividend-paying stocks each offer specific advantages. In today’s low-yield world, advisors and investors

The world has gone global. Have you?

Paul Berlinguet, Vice President, Equity Products | May 21, 2013

Many large companies derive significant revenue outside of the U.S. International markets offer both growth opportunities and attractive equity yields. Investors should consider global dividend funds as part of their current portfolio. The line between domestic and global securities has blurred. The top constituents by market capitalization of the S&P 500 index include Apple, Exxon

Second quarter asset allocation positioning

Columbia Management, Investment Team | May 14, 2013

Within equities, we maintained an overweight to U.S. stocks, with emphasis on large-cap stocks and high-quality, dividend-paying equities. For fixed income, we continue to prefer investment grade corporate bonds. We believe low correlation absolute return strategies should continue to be a part of diversified portfolios. The Columbia Management Asset Allocation Team meets to review global economic

Garbage in, less garbage out

Paul DiGiacomo, Senior Analyst | May 9, 2013

Americans are generating more waste than ever, but a greater proportion is being recycled. Recycling business is profitable, but sales depend on commodity prices and revenue is less predictable. Traditional landfill waste companies may see slower growth as recycling continues to expand. Oh, I love trash! Anything dirty or dingy or dusty Anything ragged or