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December 2013 Archive

Every day is an Amazon delivery day

Paul DiGiacomo, Senior Analyst | December 19, 2013

With the rise of e-commerce, the revenue mix for parcel delivery is shifting from businesses to the consumer. Growth in residential packages helps UPS and FedEx volume but challenges profitability. If Amazon succeeds in disintermediating UPS and FedEx, other large shippers will follow. Recently, Amazon announced that it will partner with the United States Postal

Could tapering be good for stocks?

Fred Copper, Senior Portfolio Manager | December 16, 2013

Despite all the discussion surrounding quantitative easing (QE), there has been little theoretical justification for the link between QE and equity prices. Europe provides a glaring counter-example of the impact of central bank policy on financial markets. Once the psychic umbilical cord of QE is cut (tapered), the market may actually be cheered by the

Three investments that could return to favor in 2014

Jeffrey Knight, CFA, Global Head of Investment Solutions and Asset Allocation | December 16, 2013

When an out of favor investment is re-discovered, sustained outperformance often follows The three criteria we look for in identifying an out of favor asset class or investment strategy Why Japanese stocks, EM stocks and active equity strategies may soon be rediscovered When investors lose confidence in an asset class, especially one that had been

Should your income be fixed?

David King, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager | December 16, 2013

Investors need to rethink the role of fixed income in building portfolios How to provide an adequate rate of return with an acceptable level of risk Benefits of a non-fixed, income-oriented strategy in today’s environment Peanut butter and jelly. Bacon and eggs. Scotch and soda. In the investment industry, the words “fixed” and “income” seem