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When the QE tide recedes, focus on what is revealed

Robert McConnaughey, Director of Global Research | January 6, 2014

…pside against that backdrop of lower expectations. Japan, having suffered through almost two decades of malaise, has reasserted itself on the global stage with the bold economic policies that have become known as “Abenomics.” Abenomics has been described as having “three arrows”: 1) aggressive monetary easing, 2) fiscal stimulus and 3) structural reforms. Japanese markets responded extremely favorably to the competitive boost the economy has rece…

Does Japan’s sell-off present buying opportunities?

Daisuke Nomoto, Senior Portfolio Manager | February 10, 2014

What’s behind the Japanese stock market’s recent correction? What’s ahead for Japan’s stock market, currency and government policy? Why the risk/reward tradeoff looks attractive at current price levels Abenomics has already had a bigger impact on the Japanese economy and financial assets than the failed attempt at quantitative easing between 2001 and 2006 (see chart). Inflation has moved back into positive territory, and household income is ri…

Three investments that could return to favor in 2014

Jeffrey Knight, CFA, Global Head of Investment Solutions and Asset Allocation | December 16, 2013

When an out of favor investment is re-discovered, sustained outperformance often follows The three criteria we look for in identifying an out of favor asset class or investment strategy Why Japanese stocks, EM stocks and active equity strategies may soon be rediscovered When investors lose confidence in an asset class, especially one that had been popular enough to attract outsized allocations, subsequent rebalancing generally leads to prolong…