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Rising rates and REIT returns

Arthur Hurley, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager | September 15, 2014

While REITs typically demonstrate some interest rate sensitivity and sometimes have a “knee-jerk” reaction down when rates first move up, performance has often rebounded. An improving economy has the potential to dampen the effects of duration risk and interest rate sensitivity, given the increased earnings and dividend growth REITs can produce. The balance of income and organic growth attributable to REITs can offer an attractive investment op…

Three reasons why REITs can continue to rally

Arthur Hurley, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager | May 19, 2014

REITs have produced attractive returns YTD being up 13.60% through April (up 16% as of May 12) Fundamentals remain solid, demand for commercial real estate remains strong and companies continue to increase dividends. We remain positive on REITs given the relative safety of their income stream and continued prospects for growth. The REIT market shook off the cold of the “polar vortex” with both solid share price performance and continued positi…