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Does Japan’s sell-off present buying opportunities?

Daisuke Nomoto, Senior Portfolio Manager | February 10, 2014

What’s behind the Japanese stock market’s recent correction? What’s ahead for Japan’s stock market, currency and government policy? Why the risk/reward tradeoff looks attractive at current price levels Abenomics has already had a bigger impact on the Japanese economy and financial assets than the failed attempt at quantitative easing between 2001 and 2006 (see chart). Inflation has moved back into positive territory, and household income is ri…

Is Japan’s economic rebound for real?

Daisuke Nomoto, Senior Portfolio Manager | May 23, 2013

Bold monetary easing in Japan has resulted in a shift in sentiment that the Japanese economy will finally come out of the long, dark tunnel. Our research suggests that there may be a modest boost to real income in coming months, which is expected to translate into increased consumer spending. We wouldn’t be surprised if the Japanese equity market takes a breather in the near-term, but this would create a good entry for people who have missed th…

Tokyo Olympics — another driver to get out of deflation?

Daisuke Nomoto, Senior Portfolio Manager | September 13, 2013

Tokyo has been chosen to host the 2020 Summer Olympics, with an estimated economic benefit of at least $30 billion. Hosting the Olympics could bring a wide range of implications to Japan on top of the mere economic impact, including strengthening Prime Minister Abe’s leadership. The next announcement to watch for in the near term is the Japanese government’s decision how quickly they will increase the consumption tax rate. Tokyo has been chose…