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Asia’s emerging markets — Room to run

As emerging markets investors, we like Asia because of its strong reform momentum and the depth of its stock market. Rising interest rates will be good for exports and Asia’s earnings story.

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Slack and Inflation

Low unemployment rate indicates modest slack in labor market. Decline in labor force participation now looks mostly structural.

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How plan sponsors can plan for the coming changes to mortality tables

RP-2014 mortality tables are expected to increase the average pension plan’s liabilities by 3% to 10%, with a similar reduction in funded status. Revised tables will be recognized first by plan sponsors’ accountants, and subsequently by the IRS.

How will California’s drought affect water utility revenue bonds?

 California is in its fourth year of drought, one of the worst in the past century.  Key factors when assessing credit quality of water utilities are water supply and source diversity.

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Neutral funds rate going up?

The idea of low neutral funds rate has surprising currency, but could erode with more evidence of solid growth. We believe incoming information suggests the neutral funds rate would be moving higher, not lower.

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Another look at disability and labor force participation

In searching for explanations for the steep decline in the U.S. labor force participation rate analysts have rightly stressed the importance of retiring baby boomers. Increase in disability share accounts for 20-25% of the drop in the labor force participation rate since 2007 (vs ~45% for retirements).

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