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Japan — All in with Abenomics

Fred Copper, Senior Portfolio Manager | June 6, 2013

Japan has gone all-in in their battle against deflation and stagnant growth. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has committed to a fiscal and monetary blitzkrieg, and there’s no going back. Huge uncertainty and massively divergent outcomes will manifest as continued jaw dropping volatility in the financial markets.   Price return of Nikkei Index, November 2012 — May 2013 Source: Bloomberg, May 2013, Past performance does not guarantee fut…

Could tapering be good for stocks?

Fred Copper, Senior Portfolio Manager | December 16, 2013

Despite all the discussion surrounding quantitative easing (QE), there has been little theoretical justification for the link between QE and equity prices. Europe provides a glaring counter-example of the impact of central bank policy on financial markets. Once the psychic umbilical cord of QE is cut (tapered), the market may actually be cheered by the end of what has always been perceived as a temporary and extreme form of life support. Few i…

Quality milestone in the European recovery story

March 17, 2014

Business, economic and political news all point to a strengthening recovery in Europe. We foresee a period of low inflation and low interest rates in Europe. We favor domestic European plays over internationally-exposed stocks, with an overweight stance in banking and telecoms. By Paul Doyle, Head of Europe ex. UK equities and Frederic Jeanmaire, Fund Manager, Threadneedle Investments After 18 consecutive negative months, the flow of eurozone…