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Special report – Commodity markets outlook

Columbia Management, Investment Team | July 21, 2014

…o hold underweights in others, since we are always fully invested in commodities. Our significant underweight in copper and aluminium results from the negative news flowing from China, whether it concerns the economy, the housing market or the financial sector. Prices are unlikely to pick up until this negative newsflow abates and there is a change in the demand dynamic in China. However, we would expect that our underweight stance on copper, whi…

In the land of 7 footers, 6’8″ plays guard

Fred Copper, Senior Portfolio Manager | May 5, 2014

The expected real return on most “safe haven” assets is currently negative. Risk seeking behavior could result in a bubble encompassing all risky assets. While current indicators support a pro risk stance, we are prepared to change our positioning as market conditions dictate. There is a great deal of discussion currently about the likely emergence of asset bubbles in capital markets driven by hyper-stimulative central bank policy. However, we…

Quality milestone in the European recovery story

March 17, 2014

Business, economic and political news all point to a strengthening recovery in Europe. We foresee a period of low inflation and low interest rates in Europe. We favor domestic European plays over internationally-exposed stocks, with an overweight stance in banking and telecoms. By Paul Doyle, Head of Europe ex. UK equities and Frederic Jeanmaire, Fund Manager, Threadneedle Investments After 18 consecutive negative months, the flow of eurozone…