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Duration for diversification

Columbia Management, Investment Team | November 19, 2013

…cation. Because of the negative correlation between duration and the returns of riskier assets, high-quality fixed income will still be a cornerstone of any disciplined portfolio. By Zach Pandl, Senior Portfolio Manager, and Gene Tannuzzo, Senior Portfolio Manager We often hear investors say something like the following: “I own stocks for growth and bonds for income.” But in practice, of course, that is not how it really works. Investors hold po…

Q2 fixed income outlook – Hitting for the cycle

Gene Tannuzzo, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager | March 31, 2014

…ced supply, labor market improvements and overall confidence. We believe this creates opportunities for bond investors in the non-agency mortgage market, as well as in certain corporate industries. Internationally, growth has generally lagged the U.S. However, we are now starting to see better growth in Europe and Japan which we expect to broaden to emerging markets as well. Following weakness last year, emerging market debt has posted gains this…

Q3 fixed income outlook – The demise of volatility

Gene Tannuzzo, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager | June 30, 2014

Because yield is an important driver of returns, we believe investors may be better served staying invested rather than sitting in cash or taking a decisively negative position on bonds. History has shown that volatility can stay low for extended periods. In that case, we would expect credit sensitive assets to continue to generate reasonable returns. While we think investors should retain exposure in the bond market, it is important to be flex…