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Finding Value in Fixed Income Markets

2014 continues a challenging period for bond investors. What can they reasonably expect and, more importantly, what should they do?

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Cutting-edge science abounds across therapeutic categories

Investors in the healthcare industry are enthusiastic and, in some cases, stock valuations may be similarly optimistic. Investors who provide funds to develop new therapies should expect and even demand significant scientific breakthroughs.

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Outlook for U.S. and global bond markets

In the following video, Gene Tannuzzo, senior portfolio manager for strategic income and multi-sector fixed income, explains his outlook for bond markets. Global bond markets have posted strong returns so far in 2014, driven by largely by factors outside of the U.S. Looking forward, we expect U.S. interest rates to rise, and so we are positioning portfolios with a shorter duration.

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2015 Annual Perspectives

Given the volume of investment data, media and punditry we face each day, it’s a constant challenge deciding where to focus. But reflecting on 2014 and what may lie ahead in 2015 can help one rise above the day-to-day noise and see the broader picture.

Finding bond opportunities throughout the business cycle

Global bond markets respond in different ways throughout the business cycle. A flexible strategy can adapt its risk complexion to capture opportunities and mitigate downside.

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Q4 fixed income outlook — External influences

While the bond market has generated strong returns so far in 2014, we are positioning portfolios with a shorter duration to protect against rising interest rates. Although we think that corporate bonds look better than their government counterparts, the most attractive bond market opportunities may be outside of the corporate market.

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Q3 fixed income outlook — The demise of volatility

Because yield is an important driver of returns, we believe investors may be better served staying invested rather than sitting in cash or taking a decisively negative position on bonds. History has shown that volatility can stay low for extended periods.

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