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Biotech’s beneficiaries: How outsourcing is improving the sector and spreading the wealth

Aaron Reames, Senior Equity Analyst | February 24, 2014

Conditions favor biotech outperformance of broader markets for at least a few more quarters. Outsourcing offers biotech firms varied advantages, from cost reduction to enhancing credibility. The sector’s success and the outsourcing trend is fueling ancillary businesses, notably specialty REITs, CROs and research tools companies. As biotech indices continue to surpass all-time highs, one must contemplate if there is additional room to run. We c…

Global asset allocation outlook (as of March 2014)

Columbia Management Global Asset Allocation Team, | April 7, 2014

…ed income sectors fared even better as both international developed bonds and EM bonds rose about 3%. The spread sectors within fixed income continued to perform well. Other hybrid bond like assets, such as convertible bonds, REITs and utilities were the best performing assets in the first quarter rising about 5%-7%. In a complete reversal from last year’s trend, commodities also rallied in the first quarter. The U.S. economy experienced a slowdo…