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Are municipal bond rating agencies shifting the goalposts (again)?

Columbia Management Municipal Investment Team, | September 30, 2013

…change in the rating agencies’ weighting of credit fundamentals. Given public rating and subsequent price volatility, thorough and independent credit research has become critically important for municipal bond investors. By Ty Schoback and Michael Taylor, Senior Analysts, Tax-Exempt Fixed-Income Research It has been just over three years since Moody’s and Fitch Ratings upgraded en masse, or “recalibrated,” tens of thousands of state and local g…

Detroit’s collateral damage

Ty Schoback, Senior Municipal Analyst | October 24, 2013

The State of Michigan’s failure to preserve the integrity of the General Obligation (GO) pledge in Detroit has greatly undermined the market’s confidence in debt issued within Michigan. It has also resulted in increased borrowing costs for other Michigan entities. The State communicated to investors the UTGO security pledge of local governments should not be considered any stronger than a basic appropriation or lease, raising significant concer…