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Colin Moore, Global Chief Investment Officer

Colin Moore is the Global Chief Investment Officer for Columbia Management. His responsibilities include ensuring that a disciplined investment process is in place across all asset classes, including equity and fixed income. He was also head of fixed income and liquidity strategies from 2009 – 2010. Mr. Moore joined the firm in 2002 as head of equity and has been a member of the investment community since 1983.

Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Moore was chief investment officer of global and international value equities and associate director of research at Putnam Investments. While serving in this role, he personally managed $3 billion in addition to overseeing a team of 29 analysts and five portfolio managers. Previously, Mr. Moore was director of research and chief investment officer for Rockefeller & Co. in New York and London. Throughout his career in the investment industry, he has held portfolio management positions with three London-based asset management firms, as well as a role in product development.

Mr. Moore attended the London Business School where he completed its Investment Management Program and he is an associate by examination of the Institute of Investment Management and Research.

To infinity and beyond!

Colin Moore, Global Chief Investment Officer | October 13, 2014

Financial markets are now questioning the time limit on an infinite QE policy and what lies beyond its expiration. While volatility and corrections are unpleasant, they can motivate investors to focus on fundamental issues such as capital investment and labor productivity. The transition from our focus on extraordinary monetary policy may be painful, but it