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Time, not timing

Columbia Management, Investment Team | November 26, 2013

Historically, some of the worst short-term market fluctuations and losses were followed by periods of substantial market recovery. Investors who try to time market swings often end up missing out on the market’s best days. Asset allocation, diversification and periodic rebalancing are tools investors can use to help weather market downturns. Sometimes the best selling

Duration for diversification

Columbia Management, Investment Team | November 19, 2013

Many investors struggle to determine the appropriate amount of bond duration in an environment of rising interest rates. The right amount of duration has to be considered in a portfolio context, because the main value of duration exposure comes through diversification. Because of the negative correlation between duration and the returns of riskier assets, high-quality

Inflation matters

Columbia Management, Investment Team | October 11, 2013

Inflation is deceptive because it acts slowly. Portfolios must overcome inflation to maintain purchasing power. Even in today’s low-inflation environment, holding higher amounts of cash could be costly. Despite signs that the U.S. economy is improving, now is an especially challenging time for investors, especially those in search of income. Historically low yields have made

Opportunity in lower-quality municipals

Columbia Management, Investment Team | August 15, 2013

Recently enacted higher tax rates — and the threat of even higher rates — enhance the attractiveness of tax-exempt income, especially versus other income-producing securities. Lower quality, shorter maturity investment-grade municipal bonds may provide similar yields as longer maturity bonds, but with lower interest-rate risk and volatility. Independent and well-resourced credit research is a critical