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Robert McConnaughey, Director of Global Research

Robert McConnaughey is the global research director for Columbia Management Investment Advisers, LLC (CMIA). Mr. McConnaughey joined the firm in 2002 as director of fundamental equity research and has been a member of the investment community since 1993.

Prior to joining Columbia Management, Mr. McConnaughey served as the associate director of research for Citigroup Global Asset Management, overseeing growth industry equity research analysis worldwide. Previously, he was a managing director of Prudential’s Real Estate Securities Group, where he directed research and portfolio management of retail and institutional assets. Mr. McConnaughey began his career in investment management at Fidelity Management & Research, where he was an analyst and portfolio manager.

Mr. McConnaughey earned his B.A. degree from Dartmouth College.

Finding opportunity in Chinese reforms

Robert McConnaughey, Director of Global Research | June 16, 2014

We continue to be excited about the opportunities to position in emerging markets ahead of positive change where market uncertainty still exists. Chinese corporate level governance reforms may be fertile ground for undiscovered investment opportunities. The scope and pace of China’s reform will have significant influence on the global economy and should be monitored closely.

Scarce growth – Can the tortoises continue to outpace the hares?

Robert McConnaughey, Director of Global Research | May 19, 2014

Recent selloff has tested stance that investors would benefit from seeking scarce growth, so long as that growth did not become wildly overvalued. We appear to be moving into a “sorting out” stage where investors begin to more granularly assess both the fundamentals and the incremental opportunities. Patience and tolerance for ongoing bouts of volatility