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Zach Pandl, Portfolio Manager and Strategist

Zach Pandl is a portfolio manager and strategist for Columbia Management, based in Minneapolis. Mr. Pandl focuses on research relating to the macroeconomy and government policy and their implications for interest rate markets. He chairs the Columbia Management Interest Rate Committee, which is responsible for formulating and articulating the firm’s view on interest rates in the U.S. and other developed markets. Mr. Pandl joined the firm in 2012 and has been a member of the investment community since 2006.

Prior to joining Columbia Management, Mr. Pandl was senior economist at Goldman, Sachs & Co. in New York. There he was responsible for original research on the U.S. economy and interest rates and the development of proprietary analytical tools. Previously, he held positions at Nomura Securities and Lehman Brothers.

Mr. Pandl earned his B.S. in economics from the University of St. Thomas and his Masters in economics from New York University.

Janet Yellen’s Fed

Zach Pandl, Portfolio Manager and Strategist | November 12, 2013

Chair of the Federal Reserve Board might be the most powerful job in global finance, and if Janet Yellen is confirmed, her views will weigh heavily on policy decisions — and influence financial markets — for at least the next four years. Yellen should be considered a dovish central banker, relative to other Fed officials.

The Yellen Fed

Zach Pandl, Portfolio Manager and Strategist | October 9, 2013

President Obama to nominate Janet Yellen for Fed Chair. Yellen has strongly supported the Fed’s unconventional easing measures in recent years, and we expect that her nomination will therefore be interpreted as favorable to duration and carry trades. Yellen has described an “optimal control” framework, which could indicate a coming revision to the current structure