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How plan sponsors can plan for the coming changes to mortality tables

Thomas Egan, Actuary, Liability Driven Solutions Team | September 22, 2014

RP-2014 mortality tables are expected to increase the average pension plan’s liabilities by 3% to 10%, with a similar reduction in funded status. Revised tables will be recognized first by plan sponsors’ accountants, and subsequently by the IRS. Plan sponsors should work with their advisors, investment managers and actuaries to develop a response tailored to

Rising rates and REIT returns

Arthur Hurley, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager | September 15, 2014

While REITs typically demonstrate some interest rate sensitivity and sometimes have a “knee-jerk” reaction down when rates first move up, performance has often rebounded. An improving economy has the potential to dampen the effects of duration risk and interest rate sensitivity, given the increased earnings and dividend growth REITs can produce. The balance of income