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The case for active muni management

Kimberly Campbell, Senior Portfolio Manager | April 21, 2014

Muni bonds represent an attractive investment opportunity Active management is a value add in these volatile markets Professional money managers can help investors navigate an ever-changing environment Where does one invest in a world of uncertainty? Rising taxes, volatile markets, low yields, economic stagnation, geopolitical unrest. We live in a world of great uncertainty — yet our investment goals remain the same: a comfortable retirement,…

Rising rates and REIT returns

Arthur Hurley, CFA, Senior Portfolio Manager | September 15, 2014

While REITs typically demonstrate some interest rate sensitivity and sometimes have a “knee-jerk” reaction down when rates first move up, performance has often rebounded. An improving economy has the potential to dampen the effects of duration risk and interest rate sensitivity, given the increased earnings and dividend growth REITs can produce. The balance of income and organic growth attributable to REITs can offer an attractive investment op…

Credit alternatives in government-backed debt

Columbia Management, Investment Team | June 23, 2014

One way investors may boost yields without taking on undue credit risk is through U.S. government agency debt. While many investors associate U.S. agency debt with very low yields, other types of agency debt can offer significant spreads to Treasuries with a modest decline in liquidity. We have been increasing our allocation to the agency market in core portfolios as a way to reduce credit risk while maintaining competitive yields. By Carl W….

Thoughts on navigating market volatility in today’s technology markets

Rahul Narang, Senior Portfolio Manager | April 28, 2014

We are seeing a market rotation from momentum to value on macro factors and internal market dynamics. Keys are to stay diversified, look for businesses with strong moats and that produce solid cash flow and compare to historical valuations. Favored themes are industry consolidation plays, mobile and Internet. In recent weeks there has been a dramatic shift in alpha generation from hyper growth technology stocks to more value-oriented names. We…

Gut check: The outlook on fixed income

Colin J. Lundgren, CFA, Head of U.S. Fixed Income | February 24, 2014

…l bonds suffered with most other high-quality fixed-income sectors in 2013. The asset class tends to have longer durations so rising rates can be challenging. Munis also suffered from negative headlines (such as Detroit, Puerto Rico) and persistent outflows. But the underperformance of the sector appeared excessive to us. Any fixed income asset class that has duration warrants some caution, but intermediate- and high-yield muni funds may be attra…

Slack and inflation

Zach Pandl, Portfolio Manager and Strategist | July 21, 2014

Today’s low unemployment rate indicates modest slack in labor market, which implies earlier Fed rate hikes and/or more inflation risk. The decline in labor force participation in recent years now looks mostly structural. Investors should remain cautious around U.S. interest rate risk despite a solid first half of 2014. Excerpted from Zach Pandl’s newest whitepaper Structural weakness in labor force participation means there is less slack in th…

The secret to managing pension plan risk

Frank Salem, Senior Portfolio Manager | February 10, 2014

Historical overreliance on risk assets have made pension plans vulnerable Why funded status is the best measure of a pension plan’s health How can pension sponsors manage funded status volatility? This past fall marked the one-year anniversary of the devastation to the New York area caused by Super Storm Sandy. Following the disaster, many who rebuilt also added safeguards, such as moving structures further from the beach and building higher a…