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Gut check: The outlook on fixed income

Colin J. Lundgren, CFA, Head of Fixed Income | February 24, 2014

…xed income (18%). Last year, EM bond returns ranked near the bottom, losing more than 4%. Recent poor performance can be explained as payback (reversal of strong inflows when the sector was in favor), concerns about tapering, China slowing and deteriorating growth prospects more broadly in EM countries. Countries in the EM debt market that suffered the most last year were those that ran large current account deficits and faced potential funding c…

Finding the sweet spots in corporate spending

Robert McConnaughey, Director of Global Research | February 24, 2014

…cost advantage rather than location in lower human labor cost geographies. This trend has now extended well beyond robotics in factory production. In mining, for example, where general capex has plunged on falling demand from China, spending is moving forward on items such as increasingly autonomous trucks, trains and even drilling machinery. Large scale agriculture is following a similar path where networked machines can plant, irrigate and harv…